Carpathian Games

Miloslav Nevrlý captivated first readers of the Carpathian Games in 1982. Since then the book has been published in eight Czech and one Romanian editions. Benjamin Lovett translated the masterpiece to English in 2020.

Over the years the Carpathian Games became a classical book of travel writing and this site was created so you can become one of many appreciating it. You can read the book chapter by chapter, browse through the chapters or download it for free.

Read more about the author and the project – this English edition of the Carpathian Games was published thanks to more than 300 donors and enthusiasm of volunteers


Carpathian Games shall be available for download in January 2021.



This book was not originally written for you. Nevertheless, it may well transform your perspective on hiking and the Carpathians. At least this is what it has done for many.  The Carpathian Games was intended for a circle of nature-loving fellows in the early 1980s in Czechoslovakia. It was published unofficially since its “truths were …


THE FOAL MOUNTAINS. How long it has been since I visited them. First wonder at Carpathian expanses. Carved farmstead gates in Draganu Valley; old women on doorsteps weaving, embroidering. First time a-roving. First time struggling up steep wooded hillsides toward visions of a path pointed out in fog by a shepherd’s hand. Ceaţa the shepherd …